Secretly working…

I know I haven’t posted anything that I have made for a while. I haven’t been being lazy. I have just been working on projects that I can’t write about! Boring!…

… But its not boring I promise. I have been finishing a quilt for a book coming out in October this year. Its to be published by DK books and as yet I do not have a title for it. I have contributed two quilts, the first one being my Hive quilt and the second one being a new one never before seen…


I can’t post pictures of the finished quilt but here is a peak as proof that have being doing something. I have called it the circus zig zag quilt, so that gives you some idea of what it looks like. It uses fabric from my henna collection along with a lot of solids. And that’s about all I can say about that for a while. I will, of course, be very excited to post some pictures of the book when its out…

One thought on “Secretly working…

  1. Oh the sneak peek is beautiful!! My husband got me this fabric for Christmas in a fat quarter bundle. I have yet to pick the perfect project. Can’t wait to see the finished quilt.

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