A baby trip up North…

This little baby quilt is one of those ‘better late than never’ ones! I just finished it for a friends 2nd daughter Kaya. Unfortunately it is a year later than planned and made just in time for her 1st birthday!


I have a ‘deal’ on baby quilts made for friends where I get to pick the pattern and for this one I chose a little ‘trip round the world’ design using only fabrics from my current collections. It is the first project I have done combining both Henna and Meadow and I think the colours mix up quite well…

I hope you like it Ania because you are probably going to see this post before the actual quilt arrives through your door x

2 thoughts on “A baby trip up North…

  1. This quilt is darling. I love the circle quilting on the granny square piecing. I’m always afraid I will have fabric creeping when quilting in a circle like that. Do you notice any issues with that or do you baste in a specific manner??

    • Hi Ramona. I put in a lot of pins and yes, I find it shifts a bit and I have to re-adjust as I work my way out. But because you are not lining up to any piecing, as long as there is no puckering, it doesn’t matter. I find it a very forgiving way of quilting so choose it a lot!

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